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Peter Mawanga’s Projects

Peter Mawanga’s Projects


August 8th, 2016

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Peter Mawanga is currently bouncing from one recording studio to the next, working with various artists from different genres of music across the globe. Two years ago he embarked on the  digitization of analog tapes of the national broadcaster in Malawi, MBC as a co producer of the old hits and folk songs that were recorded and stored in the national radio’s archives. The project which is being supported by the Norwegian embassy in Malawi saw the birth of TAKULA a five piece Malawian folk and Jazz outfit which was put together by Peter Mawanga himself.

I never get tired of musical projects, as long as I have the inspiration, I can go on and on.

Meanwhile, the production of the hymns of Malawi album is in its final stages and the album will be released in November 2016 in Malawi. The international release of Zo Zama EP is scheduled for summer of 2017 followed by the album release in the 2018 april in USA, Europe and South Africa.                                                                


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